Better you, better Lambeth

Lambeth Together is an integrated local care partnership helping Lambeth residents have better access to health and care so they can lead happier, healthier lives. 

How we'll help Lambeth thrive

Delivery Alliances

  • Living Well Alliance

    The Living Well Network is making it easier for people to get help with their mental health needs. It already supports hundreds of people every month.

    About the Living Well Alliance
  • Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance

    This Alliance will bring together different providers to offer a better service to Lambeth residents facing a range of issues, including long-term illnesses.

    About the Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance
  • Children and Young People Alliance

    The Children and Young People Alliance will work to make Lambeth one of the best places in the world for children and young people to grow up.

    About the Children and Young People Alliance

Latest news

  1. Last month Black Thrive Lambeth launched their highly anticipated Culturally Appropriate Peer Support & Advocacy (CAPSA) service that aims to improve the mental wellbeing and recovery journeys of Black communities in Lambeth. The service comes into being after over a year of planning and working with the community to co-produce the Lambeth Living Well Network Alliance’s new offering in culturally appropriate care.

  2. Living Well Network Alliance celebrated at the HSJ Awards

    Representatives for the Lambeth Living Well Network Alliance attended the Health Service Journal Partnership Awards 2022 last night after being shortlisted under ‘Best Mental Health Partnership with the NHS’. The team were also shortlisted alongside Mosaic Clubhouse for their work to support people experiencing mental health issues remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  3. Lambeth Together Covid-19 Recovery Plan ReviewOn Wednesday 23 March we presented a review of our Covid-19 recovery plans at the Lambeth Together Care Partnership Board. The review reflected on the past 18 months, focusing on how we have responded as a health and care system to the ongoing challenges from the pandemic, lessons learned, and our next steps as a partnership.

Our board is meeting on Wednesday to talk about:
⭐️clinical & care professionals leadership
👶children's public health nursing
🧐chronic pain
🍏 tackling poverty & the increased cost of living in #Lambeth
Come to watch/join the Public Forum👉

🚌The Health & Wellbeing Bus will be in #TulseHill from 10am to 5pm today.

⭐#Covid prevention/vaccination advice
💖 Mental health & wellbeing outreach all day
👍 Speak to a wellbeing ambassador

🗺️Between Lansdell House and Purser House, SW2 2EP

@StationTStation @TulseHill


In the #Rastafari tradition, physical wellbeing is essential to good #mentalhealth and wellbeing. Starting the day early, using natural products, spending time in nature and taking in the sun are simple ways you can look after yourself

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