Better you, better Lambeth

Lambeth Together will help Lambeth residents lead healthier lives, and give them better access to health services. It will also mean big improvements for staff working in health and social care.

How we'll help Lambeth thrive

Delivery Alliances

  • Living Well Alliance

    The Living Well Network is making it easier for people to get help with their mental health needs. It already supports hundreds of people every month.

    About the Living Well Alliance
  • Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance

    This Alliance will bring together different providers to offer a better service to Lambeth residents facing a range of issues, including long-term illnesses.

    About the Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance
  • Children and Young People Alliance

    The Children and Young People Alliance will work to make Lambeth one of the best places in the world for children and young people to grow up.

    About the Children and Young People Alliance
  • Personalised Support Alliance

    This will bring together services to support Lambeth residents with physical or learning disabilities, helping them lead independent lives.

    About the Personalised Support Alliance

Latest news

  1. Lambeth’s great collaborative efforts continued with a pop-up clinic at the KN centre (Stockwell Mosque) on Saturday 1 May that saw 187 local people coming forward for their first COVID-19 vaccination, boosting Lambeth numbers and improving access for hesitant populations to this life-saving protection.

  2. Important information about how to get your COVID-19 vaccine if you are eligible in Lambeth

    Getting your first vaccine

    If you are over 45, clinically vulnerable or a carer or and have not yet had your vaccine, please book an appointment as soon as you can to protect you – there are three ways to book:

Today is #Lambeth Advance Care Planning Day to support @DyingMatters Week.

If you are a local healthcare professional come along on at 1pm and find out about how you can support care planning.

Register here:

#DMAW21 @HWLambeth #NWDALambeth

Today is #Lambeth Advance Care Planning Day to support @DyingMatters Week.

If you are a Lambeth resident come along on at 5:30pm and find out how you can plan your care.

Register here:

#MakeYourACP #DMAW21@CarersHub @AgeUKLambeth #NWDALambeth @HWLambeth

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