You are not alone!

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The Local Connections Fund is available to reduce loneliness in our area

You are not alone! Are you a small group already working with or supporting housebound older people in Lambeth?

Do you have a local idea to try to reduce loneliness?

Are you a local Community group that reaches out in your neighbourhood with those living alone?

Funding available in January – £500-£2500 to continue & expand your activity

The form for this fund is easy to complete. 300 words on the idea, 150 words on how your actions reduce loneliness and 200 words on how the idea will involve the community. It’s that simple!

Apply now!

Application deadline 26 January 2021

And the Lambeth Together – Neighbourhood & Wellbeing Delivery Alliance team can help to you to complete the form. For support contact Ross Lambdon on 07926 077573.

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