Lambeth Together will be our fully joined up health and care system for people who live and work in Lambeth

Who is part of Lambeth Together?

Lambeth Together is being developed as a collaboration between those who have a major role to play in our services and local people

Lambeth Together has three main parts.

The Lambeth Together Way

A way of working, a culture that unites us all

We know that integration in itself is not the answer. It is the cultural change towards listening to, working alongside and engaging with our community that is core to a joined-up system.

We want those who work in health and care in Lambeth to feel they have the trust and permission to focus on people and their lives. We need to make it easy for people to connect to the right services and support, to strive to keep listening to feedback and improve services for people.

The Delivery Alliances

How we organise services around people and places

We want to move away from basing services around organisations and make them based around people and places. We will create alliances for delivery of services. The expected Delivery Alliances are:


Living Well Network Alliance

A range of functions, including employment and housing support, to support those who are experiencing mental distress or at risk of experiencing mental illness and distress.

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Place Based Co-ordination

For those needing help to co-ordinate their care across different agencies and based around clusters of General Practices. Local Care Networks in Lambeth have begun this work.

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Health and Wellbeing Hubs

Virtual networks focused on health and wellbeing based around the three Local Care Network areas.

Children and Young People

Building on the excellent partnership working already in place with the Children and Young People’s Health Partnership and the Lambeth Early Action Partnership.

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Personalised Support

For people who require specific care. Specialist teams, general practice and others will work closely with people and their families to create a network of support that enables people to live to the full.

Lambeth Together Strategic Alliance

How we bring things together as a whole system

The whole system working together. To create the environment for real change, we need to come together ‘back stage’ too.

The Lambeth Together Strategic Alliance will lead, co-ordinate and manage health and social care in Lambeth as one system and with one budget. It will have a leadership team made up of people from our communities and the health and care organisations in Lambeth.

There is also technical stuff – finances, contracts and governance – which we will work through.