Dr George Verghese

GP and Co Chair of GP Clinical Cabinet

George is currently the Chair of the Lambeth GP Clinical Cabinet, which is a coalition of the Provider GPs in Lambeth. The Lambeth Clinical Cabinet seeks to be provid a united voice for Lambeth General Practice as represented by the 9 Primary Care networks and the Lambeth GP Federation. It has strong representation from the GP local medical committee (LMC) and the chair of the LMC sits on the cabinet.

George has also been a GP in Lambeth for the last 12 years and Clinical Director for the North Lambeth Primary Care Network for the last 2.5 years.

George’s role is totally committed to general practice being an effective partner working in the Lambeth health and social care landscape. George recognises that General Practice in 2021 is undergoing significant transition and is committed to working together to maintain a strong and thriving General practice in Lambeth.