Catherine Pearson

Chief Executive, Healthwatch Lambeth

Catherine has been the CEO of Healthwatch Lambeth since the Healthwatch network was launched in 2013. In this time Catherine’s particularly proud of work to pilot a number of initiatives to create new opportunities for people with dementia to connect and collaborate. And also felt privileged to host the Black Thrive Partnership and their facilitation team between 2017 and 2021, when the team moved to Black Thrive Global and established themselves as a black-led organisation in Lambeth.

In the 1990’s Catherine was employed by London Lighthouse as a fundraiser and then as the Manager of the Research and Policy Department. She supported early research into the use of the internet to build thriving communities of people living with HIV and learned about the value of service user involvement in service design.  After leaving Lighthouse in 1997, she worked on a range of projects promoting HIV prevention within the African communities of SE London, including the Lambeth based Safer Partnership.

Catherine has lived in Lambeth for more than 35 years.  Her children were born and went to school in Lambeth and she has many links to the borough. She’s a Director of Streatham Common Co-op, where she helps with fundraising and community events. In a densely populated borough like Lambeth preserving our green spaces for communities is a real passion. She enjoys talking with local people about the things that matter most to them, and since the start of the covid lockdown in March 2020 has been part of many WhatsApp and other groups helping people who are isolating or unwell. She counts herself fortunate to live in such a vibrant borough and looks forward to being a part of the Lambeth Together Care Partnership.