Our experience and success with recent collaborative and people based projects have shown that we can genuinely transform care for people when we focus on people’s strengths, on prevention and on getting it right first time

What do we want to achieve?

Our vision is to improve health and reduce health inequalities for people in Lambeth. To create the environment in which all this is possible we are coming together at every level to form Lambeth Together. We want Lambeth to be a place where:


Health and wellbeing is improving for all, and improving fastest for those with the poorest health and wellbeing


People are able to reach their full potential and feel good about themselves


Everyone feels valued and has choices about their health and wellbeing


People are safe from harm

A better future for all

We believe that Lambeth Together will bring benefits to everyone using or working within health, care and other services in the borough.


For Lambeth people

  • A simple way to get advice and information, whatever the reason, whatever the time
  • A focus on wellbeing and prevention, leading to less crises
  • Reduced need for high cost services due to easy access to help earlier
  • At the forefront of innovation and collaborative working

For people using services

  • Staff will work with me as an individual
  • Wide range of support available
  • Good communication with me and between those involved in my care and support
  • Easier to access help and support
  • Services that are linked and sharing priorities and idea

For staff

  • Part of a connected network of services, all working to the ‘Lambeth Together Way’
  • Colleagues with a wide range of skills and knowledge to turn to
  • Reduced duplication and less paperwork
  • Encouragement to innovate for the benefit of people

For Lambeth health and care providers

  • Part of a group of aligned and like-minded organisations with a common purpose, priorities and values
  • Shared responsibilities and opportunities
  • Shared sense of achievement
  • Facing risk and challenges together
  • Freedom to innovate and continuously improve

For other Lambeth businesses and organisations

  • Part of a network of parties with a common purpose
  • Clarity about the Lambeth Together Way and how we can contribute

For Lambeth commissioners

  • An aligned system with common purpose, priorities and values
  • System leadership role rather than transactional
  • Mature relationships with and between providers
  • Stability over longer term
  • Realisation of the Five Year Forward View with focus on wellbeing and prevention