We've been listening. You've told us what works, what doesn't and what more we need to do

We want to build on what's already working well

We know that working together and harnessing all our expertise brings benefits to people using our services and to staff. We want to make this happen as a rule, not an exception. We know there is still work to do, so we want to spread the successes we’ve seen so far, to all of Lambeth’s health and wellbeing support and services.

Lambeth is place of innovation

We are well known for co-production and focussing on people’s strengths rather than their problems. Across health, care and beyond people are doing things in new ways.

People using services, citizens, communities and organisations that provide services are leading the way. We want to build on the progress we have made so far.

Why is Lambeth Together needed?

Our achievements have been impressive, but we know we cannot stand still. Staff and service users have been telling us about things that don’t always work well and we are working to address these. We’ve got some things right, but there is much more work to do.

A number of significant challenges remain for Lambeth and, if not addressed, are likely to increase. There are still repeated assessments, duplications and delays in our health and care system. We also face a gap between the expected demand for services and the money available over the coming years, so we need to keep thinking creatively.

Our successes so far

We have a strong track record of working together and working in new ways. We’ve already made radical changes to some services and ways of working

Black Thrive

Lambeth Early Action Partnership

Integrated Personalised Support Alliance (IPSA)

Living Well Network

Local Care Networks (LCNs)

Project Smith