NWDA: Who we are

How the Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance will work differently to improve services for people living in Lambeth.

Like many parts of country, our health and social care system can be complex and confusing.  People’s needs are changing, we are living longer and many healthcare conditions are preventable, can be delayed, or managed easily with early intervention, lifestyle changes, and focusing on our own and our family’s health and wellbeing.

Demand for health and care is also rising, new advances in medicine can be expensive to deliver and many services are under a lot of pressure. This means having conversations with local people about improving their health and wellbeing within the resources available.

One budget

Under the Alliance system, various budgets are brought together to create one pool of money. This makes planning for the future much simpler.

It also makes accountability simpler. Accountability means checking that the money is being spent well.


The alliance has forged a number of partnerships prior to and during the Covid-19 pandemic to establish strong relationships to deliver sustainable, long-term change. See below some of the partners who are actively involved and are investing in this community based approach


  • People with Lived Experience (PWLE)
  • VCS organisations
  • Community groups
  • Housing associations
  • Faith groups