Coordinating excellent end of life care

Our vision is that advance care planning is offered and available to all Lambeth residents, with earlier recognition of people entering their last 6 to 12 months of life. If advance care plans are offered, recorded and regularly updated this can avoid unnecessary hospitalisation in the last year of life.


What is an advance care plan?
Advance care plans are records providing direction to healthcare professionals about a person’s end of life care preferences e.g. place of death, and details their healthcare choices in a situation when a person is not in a position to make and/or communicate these wishes.

We invited partners such as Marie Curie, end of life care consultants in our hospitals, GPs, the London Ambulance Service and others across the health, social and community care sectors to work together to improve how Lambeth residents access end of life care.

We want more Lambeth residents to plan their care for their final days and weeks by having an advance careplan that is recorded and shared with family, carers and health services, so their wishes are respected. We also acknowledge the need to make sure the advance care plans that are recorded are of a high quality, and clear and concise enough for health professionals across the system to understand.

Over the next year, we will continue to develop our workforce and implement different resources and tools for our GP surgeries to increase the number of advance care planning records and the quality of those recorded for our residents.

The Lambeth Advance Care Planning Consortium is a free service available to all Lambeth residents ensuring everyone in Lambeth has an opportunity to create an advance care plan and provides free one-to-one support for local people interested in planning for the future.  Click here to find out more.