About the Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance

The Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Delivery Alliance (NWDA) is one of the ways we are delivering Lambeth Together.

The NWDA work at neighbourhood level through collaborative projects led by a local partnership of health, social care, voluntary community sector and local people.

The alliance identify areas of improvement in a community and work together to share intelligence, co-create solutions and establish local project(s) to improve the health & wellbeing for Lambeth residents.

Through this collaborative approach, the NWDA aims to:

  • Maximise wellbeing
  • Reduce health inequalities
  • Achieve best value and high quality services

Why develop a Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Delivery Alliance?

  1. We face a series of challenges as a borough
    Unequal access to services, variable experience of care and significant pressure on our services and our workforce.
  2. We have a shared vision for the future
    Our vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of Lambeth residents
  3. All service partners want to work with residents to improve services