Our vision

The Alliance’s shared vision for the next 7–10 years is to “maximise the health and wellbeing of local people, and achieve best value and quality, by services and communities working together.”

Together, the Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance aims to:

  • maximise wellbeing
  • work together
  • achieve value and quality

We will know we have achieved this when local people tell us they:

  • live as independently as they want and can
  • live the life they want
  • are part of their community
  • are as healthy as possible
  • are at the centre of their care and support: where care is organised around them
  • experience the smallest possible disruption to their lives when crisis happens
  • manage their own conditions and get support to do this if they need
  • feel safe and respected, their dignity is maintained and they do not experience discrimination or harassment

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