About the Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance

The Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance is one of the ways we are delivering Lambeth Together.

This Alliance is a partnership of voluntary and community sector organisations, GPs, Lambeth Council and NHS trusts.

Promoting health and wellbeing

The Alliance will focus on:

  • improving health
  • keeping people well
  • promoting wellbeing
  • reducing differences in access to services and health outcomes

It will do this for local people both across the whole borough and within neighbourhoods.

Organising services by neighbourhood

The Alliance is looking at how we can improve the health and wellbeing of local people by bringing together services and activities by local area or ‘neighbourhood’. To do this, we need to work together differently.

Neighbourhoods will work to a single common purpose, promoting continuity of care for local residents, and with health and care professionals working together with local voluntary and community groups to take a more whole person approach to health and wellbeing.

For example, we know there are lots of excellent services being offered by the voluntary and community sectors; and they play a crucial part in supporting local people and keeping them well.

Joining up services

We want our health and social care system to actively involve the community and voluntary sector partners – and join up their offer with formal health and care services in our communities, like GP surgeries, district nursing and homecare.

By doing that, we hope to make it simpler for our residents to understand and navigate health and care within Lambeth, and for staff to work together. This is very important for people who need help with lots of conditions – particularly older people – who may need help from lots of different organisations who all work in different ways.

We are in a good position. There are good relationships and partnerships already in existence between the various sectors involved in health and social care– and a real desire to join up our services, the money we spend and the way we work. We know there will be lots of benefits to doing this for people who user services and staff.

Building upon our Local Care Networks

This Alliance builds upon the work our Local Care Networks.

Local Care Networks were set up in Lambeth to develop local partnerships focussed on improving local health and wellbeing by services and communities working together.

Key achievements have been:

  • connecting local people and community organisation with health and care staff
  • establishing new partnerships
  • breaking down boundaries
  • building trust

Local services, communities and staff continue to pioneer new ideas and projects year on year.

Building on this, the Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance will put in place between 9 and 12 ‘neighbourhoods’ – each one of these neighbourhoods will be slightly different – but will have common services.

When it will happen

The Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance is in the process of becoming established.

The years 2019 to 2020 are a period of transition. During this time, all health and wellbeing services in Lambeth will be delivered by a range of informal partnerships until the Alliance is properly set up. It is an important year for developing the foundations of Neighbourhoods and working together.

This will be the first step towards all organisations in the Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance work together towards shared priorities and outcomes – under one agreement and with a single budget.

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