Strategic Priority: Home

Our priority outcome: To increase the number of people living in stable and appropriate accommodation.

 A home where you feel safe and happy is crucial to good mental health.

Context and key challenges

The economic impact of covid and the cost of living crisis means more people are struggling to pay rents and mortgages or have lost that struggle. This would cause stress and anxiety for anyone and can trigger crisis for those with existing mental health issues. We continue to work closely with our providers, colleagues in the Council and the community to maximise the availability of appropriate housing for those with mental illness and to provide practical support for issues such as hoarding.

Even before the current high rates of inflation the cost of services bought when needed (known as spot placements) has been rising. For example, the chart shows that the average weekly cost of Supported Living Placements has risen by 43% over the four years of the Alliance. Though note that this is a combination of rising prices and increased support needs.

Case study: Mourad, Certitude