Local Care Networks bring together health, social care, voluntary sector services, patient groups and citizens

A joined up approach

Our aim is to maximise the health and wellbeing of the local population by agencies and communities working together in a joined up way that puts people at the heart of services

Local Care Networks are a response to feedback from citizens and people who use services that though amazing things are taking place across Lambeth and Southwark in the health and care system, it can still be difficult to navigate the system and it is not always responsive to what people need.

We want to change this. We want to move towards a system which arranges services around the individual person and responds to the range of support they may require to stay or get well – whether physical, emotional or social.

Three Local Care Networks have been established across the boroughs to bring the key players together to try and improve things.

What do Local Care Network's do?

The three Local Care Networks (LCNs) bring together different providers to deliver services based on local needs and together they share responsibility for supporting people.

Commissioners and providers, in partnership with local people, have agreed that Local Care Networks should be the vehicle for developing a joined up, local approach to individuals’ health and wellbeing. This includes self-care, the wider informal family and carer support, and the broader issues which affect people’s health and wellbeing such as housing and employment.

How do Local Care Networks work and who is involved?

Local Care Networks are not new organisations. They are groups of providers coming together to look at the range of services that they provide and see how they can work better together to improve and join them up.

The Local Care Networks are based on geographical areas. There is North Lambeth Local Care Network, South East Local Care Network and South West Local Care Network. Each covers approximately 100,000-150,000 people.

Each of the Local Care Networks has an established Board with an appointed Chair. Each board has representatives from GP Federations, Providers of Adult Health Services (Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust), Provider of Children’s Health Services representative, Provider of Mental Health Services representative (South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust), Local Authority Providers of Social Care representative, Healthwatch representatives, Patient Participation Network representative, Citizen Board representative and Clinical Commissioning Group representative.

Each Local Care Network Board meets on a monthly basis. There are also three matching Local Care Network Forums which connect wider services and communities together. The Forums meet every six weeks.

The Local Care Network Boards and Forums discuss challenges that they are facing in their efforts to deliver excellent care, and work with other organisations to come up with solutions. And they work together to redesign services so that they are more responsive to the needs of local people.

View regular members of Local Care Network Forum

Local Care Networks are also keen to make sure they are co-producing everything they do. Therefore, they are looking to work with frontline staff and local people to design any new services or ways of working. They will also look to involve other agencies such as housing, employment and education as needed.

What are Local Care Networks working on?

Care coordination for people with Long Term Conditions: all the providers across all the Local Care Networks are working together to improve the health outcomes and experience for people with multiple long term conditions. This includes looking to reduce the need to attend hospital as much for outpatient appointments, and provide greater support in the community by utilising voluntary and community services more effectively.

Portuguese community project: General Practice and community pharmacists working together to target support and engagement of Portuguese people to access services.

Connecting communities: developing a process whereby an individual is connected to community based support or activities that can help to improve their quality of life.

Supporting people with psychosis and diabetes: system providers and people living with diabetes and psychosis coming together to improve access to both physical and mental health support and improve health outcomes.

How will Local Care Networks grow and develop?

Whilst still at an early stage, we believe that Local Care Networks will start to be a central point in our health and care system. We hope that they will help drive improvements in the way we deliver care, and how we work with local residents to improve their health and wellbeing.

If you have any questions about Local Care Networks or the impact they might have on you or your organisation, please contact Amanda Williams, Assistant Director of Local Care Network Delivery amanda.williams35@nhs.net

North Lambeth Local Care Network

The North Lambeth Local Care Network is currently chaired by Jane Stopher, Deputy Director Adult Local Services, Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust.

They have an active forum of local people and services who come together regularly to connect and develop ways to collectively improve peoples' health and wellbeing.

South West Local Care Network

The South West Local Care Network is currently chaired by Justin Hayes, GP at Valley Road Surgery and GP Federation Director for Lambeth Practices Ltd.

This LCN has an active forum of local people and services who come together regularly to connect and develop ways to collectively improve peoples' health and wellbeing.

South East Local Care Network

The South East Local Care Network is currently chaired by Sandra Jones, independent chair and co-chair of Lambeth Patient Participation Group Network and Carley Hennah, GP at Crown Dale Medical Centre.

This LCN has an active forum of local people and services who come together regularly to connect and develop ways to collectively improve peoples' health and wellbeing.

Useful resources

Here you will find all the most up-to-date documents to download.

LCN Ethnographic Engagement Report

A summary of findings of a project that using ethnographic methods to better understand the needs of those in Southwark and Lambeth.

(Version from 21 Aug 2017)

Download ↓

Managing multi-morbidity in Local Care Networks

Describing best practice and emerging practice in the provision of coordinated care

Download ↓

Lambeth & Southwark Local Care Networks - Coordinating Care

An overview of Local Care Networks

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Local Care Coordination

Learning from the pilot phase and proposal for future delivery Executive Summary

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