Community Education Provider Networks (CEPNs) are collaborative networks of service and education providers. Organised by geography, members of the network agree to work together to educate and train their workforces to support the delivery of health outcomes for the local population.

What is the role of a CEPN?

CEPN stands for Community Education Provider Network. CEPNs support the workforce planning, education and training of our local community across health and social care now and in the future to support delivery of health outcomes to a local population. They are designed to improve the quality and localisation of education for health professionals, and empower community organisations to work with higher educational institutions to assess workforce training needs, expand capacity for training in the community, innovate in the field of training and deliver multi-professional training.

What does Lambeth CEPN do?

Lambeth CEPN has been in place for a number of years. It has a Steering Group, which is tasked with delivering decisions and agreements made by the wider network, and delivering a programme of activities. In short, Lambeth CEPN is the borough-wide platform for primary care and community workforce development. The primary aim of Lambeth CEPN is to support our workforce through careful planning of our future needs, develop our current workforce, and support our network to create the capacity and opportunities to support Lambeth’s health needs. Lambeth CEPN is also well placed and ready to deliver against a number of agendas that form the strategic direction of the CEPN national programme.

How is Lambeth CEPN funded and what does it do with it?

Lambeth CEPN was awarded funding by Health Education England South London (HEESL) in July 2018 to help support the development of our primary care and community workforce during 2018/19. Lambeth CEPN invited stakeholders from the broader network to bid for funding to develop/deliver workforce initiatives in the community and within primary care. Bids were received from a wide variety of organisations and collaborations, and 11 bids were awarded £82,680.60. Successful applicants provide updates on their progress halfway through, and provide an end of project report, which includes the numbers of people that have benefitted from their activities.

How does Lambeth CEPN support Lambeth Together?

Lambeth CEPN is part of Lambeth Together, a local plan to integrate services. Developing our workforce to respond to an integrated way of working will be integral in its success.