1. The South East Living Well Centre, Alliance Rehabilitation Team (ART) and South West Living Well Centre are all moving to different buildings from next week. All support to service users will continue as usual.

    Details of the moves are listed below:

    South East Living Well Centre

    The South-East Living Well Centre re-located due to Covid measures and is now moving back to its original building.


    COVID-19 has made this past year hard for everyone. It’s no surprise that people across the country have reported their mental health and wellbeing has worsened during the pandemic. For the Virtual Country Show, Health Watch and the Living Well Network Alliance are doing a special event to make sure Lambeth residents aged 18 to 65-years-old understand how to access the range of mental health and wellbeing support available.

  3. Lambeth Single Point of Access (SPA) is a team of mental health professionals, support workers and social workers that helps Lambeth adults aged 18 to 65 get the right mental health support first time.

    If you have used the SPA service, whether as a service user or a referring professional, the SPA team would like to invite you to join the next Lambeth SPA Listens event over Microsoft Teams and to share your experience.