About Lambeth Together

Lambeth Together is a big project looking at how we can improve the health and wellbeing of people living and working in Lambeth.

What is lambeth Together?

Lambeth Together is our ambitious plan to put in place a new health and social care system for Lambeth.

This will make services better and easier to access for everyone who lives or works in the borough. It will help our population achieve better wellbeing for decades to come.

There are lots of different organisations involved. These include:

  • public bodies, like Lambeth Council and the NHS
  • voluntary bodies, like Thames Reach and Certitude
  • community groups, like local sports clubs

Why Lambeth Together?

We’re all living longer. This means people are more likely to need help for illness (or several illnesses).

This will create lots of pressure on health and social care services in the future.

Lambeth also has a growing population. This means more people might need to use health services in future – which adds to the pressure.

Nationally, there is less money now for things like health and social care. So councils like Lambeth need to think in new ways about how to provide services in the future and keep within our means.

Part of the answer will be about how we help people with their own health and wellbeing, so they do not need to use services.

Another part will be about providing services in a better way so when people do need them, they are local to them and more convenient.

How Lambeth Together will work

There are three things we want to do to make Lambeth Together happen. This is not a short-term plan and will take several years to come together.

  1. We want staff working in health and social care to work in a similar way as far as possible because this has lots of benefits. We’ve called this ‘The Lambeth Together Way’.
  2. We want to organise services by people and places – instead of by the organisation that hosts those services. For example, we want to bring services for people with a mental health issue together into one group so those services are planned and managed together. This has lots of benefits. Our groups of services will be called our Delivery Alliances.
  3. We want to set up one group of people to make sure Lambeth Together is managed well. This group will look after things like money, staffing, buildings and computer systems. This group is called the Strategic Alliance.

We’re making progress already

We have a great starting point. Lambeth is well known for communities and partners successfully working together to make life better for residents.

Lambeth also has excellent hospitals, GP practices and social care for people with a variety of needs.

Many of the things we think must happen to make Lambeth Together work are already happening on a small scale, so we can work from that.

When it’s happening

The work to create Lambeth Together has already started. For example, one of the 4 Delivery Alliances – the Living Well Alliance – launches in 2019.

Rolling out Lambeth Together across the borough will be a gradual process. It will take several years before the new system is fully up and running.